Becoming Adults: The House Hunting Edition

Family photo from this summer. Boyfriend, Jax and Me.

Family photo from this summer. Boyfriend, Jax and Me.

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve written on here. Life, it just gets away from you, ya know? Also, I always feel like I need to write about something profound, timely or motiving, but now I think I’ll just write about whatever’s going on in my life. It seems more genuine and I’m also more likely to keep up with it. If you don’t like that then, meh.

Let’s see, since July life has happened. There’s been the normal changes – work stuff, family stuff, personal stuff.

The biggest thing to arise lately is the fact that my boyfriend and I have decided to buy a house! And, wow, this process is much more trying than I had originally anticipated. I’d assumed we would have some different preferences on color, one-story vs. two-story, flooring, etc., but there was so much more we didn’t see eye-to-eye on: the year the house was built, the area of town, the school district and all of that extra, yet important, stuff.

We looked at 25 (TWENTY FIVE) houses before we finally settled on one we dubbed the “cozy house.” It was a small one story in a nice neighborhood with a warm layout and beautiful stone fireplace. The fixtures were all updated, the laundry room was huge and the pantry was completely decked out with every organization system imaginable. I was in love. My boyfriend didn’t seem to have the same feelings about the house, but I think at this point he was tired and ready to find a house.

Once we got into the inspection portion of the buying process, we realized there were quite a few things those new fixtures and awesome pantry were hiding. Red flag after red flag went up as my visions of us starting our lives in this home dimmed. We ended up terminating the contract on the house and continued our search.

At this point I was completely disheartened. I felt so defeated. I mean 25 houses is a lot, what else could be out there?

After a few days, I settled down and began searching on Trulia again. I found a home that fit our criteria and sent it to our realtor. We went to see it that night and fell in love. We dubbed it the “castle house” — two stories, nice neighborhood, cool grey brickwork on the front. We had planned to submit an offer the following day and called the sellers to let them know we were getting our paperwork together. By the next morning, we were informed the house was now under contract and unavailable.

Irate, sad, discourage, hopeless…that’s how I felt. At this point we’d been looking for a house for over two months and the lease on our apartment was right around the corner! If you’ve read my previous post, you know I’m a planner. Not knowing where I’m going to live in the next month is not ok.

One last time I got on Trulia and found a house a few blocks away from the “castle house.” I figured it was worth a shot, sent it to my boyfriend and our realtor and we went to see it that same night. Our realtor came with paperwork in hand. We ended up absolutely loving the house and sent in our offer that night.

We beat out four other offers to win the house! FINALLY!

So far we’ve done multiple inspections on the house and we’re in the final negotiation stages. No matter the outcome, this is going to be our home. We love it.

This whole process has been a complete roller coaster and a learning process. Not only have we learned what is involved in buying a house, but we’ve also learned a lot about each other. We’ve been together for nearly seven years, but I still learn something knew about our relationship all the time. The way we interact is constantly evolving as we grow and take on more responsibilities.

I’ll admit it’s not always easy – neither the house buying process nor being in a serious and ever-growing relationship. We’ve both been stressed with the whole process and by life in general, and I, more than he, am prone to snapping and losing my cool. This is something I’m working on, but I’m glad that we tend to even each other out. I feel we made a good team with this house-hunting mission. I remember deadlines, think analytically, and do research. He encourages me to be flexible and reminds me that things will work out in the end – they always do.

All in all I’m excited to start this new step in our relationship and our lives. We’re becoming real life adults one step at a time.