logoI enrolled in a Mobile Apps Development course at the University of Texas led by Robert Quigley. A group of computer science students, fellow journalism students and myself formed Team Dragon Fire. Our team spawned the idea for a digital scrapbooking app for the iPad called PicBook. It allows you to store your memories, life events and photos in a new way — no more dusty boxes and bulky albums. You can digitally create classic and simple pages to display and share your photos. The app allows you to pull in photos from your camera roll as well as Facebook. Once you login through Facebook you’ll be able to type in your friends’ names and PicBook will automatically find all of the photos you all have been tagged in together. There’s no more searching through the endless web of social media for that specific photo. You can let PicBook do all the heavy lifting.

Since we were all new to app development this process involved a lot of brainstorming, group work, problem solving and failure.  I learned that failure is not a bad thing — it’s a great learning experience and it means you took chances.  Slowly but surely I also learned some Objective-C, which was only slightly painful. We also learned and exercised our skills in design, UX, marketing, business and social media.

PicBook will be available in the AppStore by May 2013. Until then we’ll be working feverishly. You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr.

Update: Unfortunately after graduation Team Dragon Fire had a hard time continuing with this project due to differing priorities and work schedules. Alas, PicBook has not been launched and sits in waiting.