Becoming Adults: The House Hunting Edition

Family photo from this summer. Boyfriend, Jax and Me.

Family photo from this summer. Boyfriend, Jax and Me.

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve written on here. Life, it just gets away from you, ya know? Also, I always feel like I need to write about something profound, timely or motiving, but now I think I’ll just write about whatever’s going on in my life. It seems more genuine and I’m also more likely to keep up with it. If you don’t like that then, meh.

Let’s see, since July life has happened. There’s been the normal changes – work stuff, family stuff, personal stuff.

The biggest thing to arise lately is the fact that my boyfriend and I have decided to buy a house! And, wow, this process is much more trying than I had originally anticipated. I’d assumed we would have some different preferences on color, one-story vs. two-story, flooring, etc., but there was so much more we didn’t see eye-to-eye on: the year the house was built, the area of town, the school district and all of that extra, yet important, stuff. Continue reading

Planning with Purpose

make things happen

I am a planner, or so that’s what I say. It might really just be a cover up for constantly worrying about the future. I’m not quite sure. I know I plan extremely far in advance. I mean, I usually have a good chunk of my Christmas shopping completed, or at least planned out, by mid November. There are times, though, I’ve asked myself if I was missing out on something. Would somehow I be happier or live a more fulfilling life if I was more spontaneous?

Planning for Now

Planning gives me some type of perceived control over things. To me, when things are planned out, time is optimized and overall it’s just a more productive outcome. You don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, you make them happen. Continue reading

Michael Jackson Hologram was More Than Creepy

There was a special guest at the Billboard Music Awards last night — Michael Jackson. The King of Pop returned to center stage as a hologram and performed “Slave to the Rhythm.” He, the beams of light that resembled Michael Jackson, danced on stage with real, human dancers. The crowd sang along, cheered and some even cried.

The reactions? Some have said it was creepy, some have said it was cool and some have said it was both. I personally think it was mix of creepy/exploitive/disrespectful.

A Spectacle is Not a Tribute

The fact that Michael Jackson died not even 5 years ago makes this way too soon in my book. I don’t mean for this to sound cold, but when someone is dead, they are gone, and that’s how it should be. They live on in memories, but that’s it. In my opinion, if I were to see someone who had died that I knew personally come back to life as a hologram, I would freak the heck out! It’s just too weird.

Also, I feel that presenting a hologram at an awards show is not a “tribute.” It was meant to shock and awe — and it worked. More people are talking about the Billboard Awards now than ever before. If they had used a different deceased musician would it have had the same impact? My guess is it probably would have. That alone tells me this wasn’t a “tribute,” it was just to get attention.

Less Human, More Performer

My main problem with this performance is that by making Michael Jackson into a hologram, they have made him less of a human. Since they can just remake him as a performer to appear whenever they want, it separates that aspect of him. By singling out that side of Michael, it makes him less of a human being and more of a entertainment piece.

It’s important to remember that he, like all celebrities, was a human with a life outside of the spotlight. I feel it is important that we respect that and respect people as a whole. They have passed away and it is not our place to choose what aspects of their lives come back on a whim. Michael Jackson, like all who have passed, was a human with a life and a soul. He was not living just to entertain, so why should he be just entertainment after he’s gone?

Why I Love Your Birthday

As I looked down at my hands and kitchen counter covered in icing and sprinkles as I decorated a cake for my boyfriend’s birthday this weekend, I realized that I really love other people’s birthdays. I love the finding the perfect presents, hanging the decorations, and baking their favorite cake. But really, I love making someone else feel special. I love letting them know “Hey, I’m glad you were born.”

Little Things

I know that a lot of people don’t like to make a big deal about their birthday, and I get that, I don’t either. I don’t think a birthday needs to be a huge bash for it to be a “good” birthday. But, by all means, if you like huge parties, then go for it. What I really like about birthdays is just being with the ones who matter most to you and enjoying their company and the day.

What I love about other people’s birthdays is doing little things for them. I think that putting thought and effort into something speaks much more powerfully than something done solely for extravagance.

A Little Sentimental

I honestly feel that I love my loved ones’ birthdays because it’s a chance for me to really let them know how much they mean to me. Even if I don’t get to see them, it’s a reminder to let them know how glad I am to be a part of their life and how lucky I am to know them. Birthdays signify a new year for them and always excites me to see what’s in store for their future and I love it.

Birthdays remind me that I’m surrounded by wonderful, genuine and amazing people and I love it.

Birthdays are an excuse to convey these mushy emotions in the form of a racetrack cake and I love it.


One Tip List: Stop the Lists


People may not like this, but I’ll say it: I’m tired of the dumb lists of tips that can “change your life.”

I recently saw this list floating around Facebook, and while it does have some useful tips, they aren’t going to change my life. Don’t get me wrong, I love chocolate chip pancakes, but lists like these — and there are a ton of them out there — make girls seem so general and superficial. And I’ve seen these not just for girls, but for college students in general or for 20-somethings. I just don’t understand this phenomenon.

General Girls

I understand that the point of these lists is to be relatable, but I think they reinforce stereotypes more than anything else. By lumping “girls” into one general category it creates more of a divide than a unity. Not all girls agree with these tips or even care about these things, so then is that saying those who don’t relate aren’t girls? Not all girls are the same, just like not all people are the same. Haven’t we been trying to get that across for some time now? These types of lists are sending the opposite message. Continue reading

Blasphemy on Film: The Giver Movie Trailer

When I found out that The Giver was going to be a movie I was excited. When I found out the trailer for the film was released today I was really excited. One minute and 27 seconds later, I was mad. (If you haven’t seen the trailer you can watch it here.)

My immediate reaction: “What is this crap? Why is there color? Why is he so old? I know they did not have spaceships. No.”

Black and White is Better

My biggest beef with this film is the fact that it’s in color. The lack of color is a vital part of the story. Jonas’ discovery of color, memories, and ultimately all the good things in life bring beauty to the story. I’m assuming that Hollywood thought the targeted teen audience wouldn’t respond well to a partially black and white film.  If it’s not romantically creepy, like Twilight, or packed full of gore and action, like The Hunger Games or Divergent, teens these days won’t like it, right? My answer: Why does it even have to be targeted towards teens?! Continue reading

A New City Means Adjustment

From Austin to San Antonio

Recently, I made the decision to leave my hometown of Austin to move to San Antonio. My boyfriend was offered his dream job, so he asked me to go along with him. And I hate saying that — boyfriend. It sounds so juvenile. We’ve been together for going on six years, but I guess “boyfriend” is still the technical term. Anyway, after sending out my résumé to a few places, I was able to land a great job. That was the final push for me. I agreed to leave Austin behind.

We’ve been in San Antonio about a month now and frankly so far I’m not a fan. Since we’ve been here we can’t catch a break. Our dog has had to go to the emergency vet in the middle of the night, one of our cars was broken into, the door to our apartment was kicked in and some of our stuff was stolen. Now I know I shouldn’t blame these things on San Antonio since they could happen in any city, but I can’t help it. I honestly feel like San Antonio is rejecting us like a bad ham sandwich. Continue reading