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Throughout my multimedia courses at UT, I created numerous new packages. For some of these packages I was responsible for the video aspect. Below are some videos I contributed to.

What’s more fun than a circus story? For this news package project I filmed and edited the interview with Ashlyn Baum, one of the founders of Longhorn Circus. She also invited me to attend and film one of their “play sessions” where I shot some of the other club members and I also learned to hula hoop. I also did all of the editing on this particular video myself.

For a story that discussed the gun debate and focused on Texans’ opinions on federal gun control I filmed the interview with Assistant Police Chief Gay. A fellow student journalist and myself met with him in his office at APD headquarters and talked to him about the issue.

Infographic Design:

Some of the news packages created throughout my courses at UT benefited from infographics. I researched information and organized that information into visually appealing representations. Below are some examples.

State Senator Uresti proposed a bill that would raise the smoking age in Texas from 18 to 21.  I created an infographic for the story using statistics that I found throughout my research.

This timeline was created for a story about gun control. It documents the different legislation passed dealing with citizens and weapons.

Storify & Social Media:

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 8.01.23 PM

Here is my analysis of major news networks’ use of social media during the 2012 election. I look at their use of Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Obviously some were more successful than others. Check it out: Social Media in 2012 Election

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 7.55.13 PM

In teams we were assigned a crowd sourcing project. Our group wanted to see what people were doing when they should be studying. We had them tweet and post photos using #shouldbestudyingbut Check it out: Procrastination Epidemic