A New City Means Adjustment

From Austin to San Antonio

Recently, I made the decision to leave my hometown of Austin to move to San Antonio. My boyfriend was offered his dream job, so he asked me to go along with him. And I hate saying that — boyfriend. It sounds so juvenile. We’ve been together for going on six years, but I guess “boyfriend” is still the technical term. Anyway, after sending out my résumé to a few places, I was able to land a great job. That was the final push for me. I agreed to leave Austin behind.

We’ve been in San Antonio about a month now and frankly so far I’m not a fan. Since we’ve been here we can’t catch a break. Our dog has had to go to the emergency vet in the middle of the night, one of our cars was broken into, the door to our apartment was kicked in and some of our stuff was stolen. Now I know I shouldn’t blame these things on San Antonio since they could happen in any city, but I can’t help it. I honestly feel like San Antonio is rejecting us like a bad ham sandwich. Continue reading