Below are a few examples of my writing. Most are from course work from various journalism classes I attended at The University of Texas. While I am versed in both news and feature writing, I prefer feature. I feel that I can use a more personal voice and better connect with the audience.

Street Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

“The Twittersphere nearly exploded last month when the iconic ‘i love you so much’ wall on South Congress was vandalized on Jan. 13. Luckily, the inspirational message was back to its former glory the next day. While it may seem silly for people to be so passionate about some red letters quickly sprayed on the side of a green building, Austinites cherish their street art. However, Austinites also cherish their clean and beautiful city…” Download to Read More

Courtney Timmons: All About the Sports

“With perfectly styled hair and a fresh face of makeup, Courtney Timmons simply said, “I always liked being a little goofy and weird.” She made it clear that she was very comfortable in her skin by sitting with her legs like a pretzel while she talked, never taking time to censor her quickly and casually spoken words.
‘It’s never been journalism, it’s always been sports,’ said Timmons. ‘Nothing makes me feel that way, I get chills watching certain things.’ The passion seemed to come alive in Timmons as soon as these words left her mouth…” Download to Read More

Unconventional Education May Lead to Higher Test Scores

“Seven out of ten charter schools in the Austin area averaged a higher passing rate than the Austin Independent School District on the 2011 TAKS test showing that a traditional education may not truly be on par with Texas’ student standards.
According to data from the Texas Education Agency, overall the charter schools in Austin averaged a 73.2% passing rate. However, seven out of ten charter schools in Austin had passing scores above AISD’s rate of 75%…” Download to Read More